Est. 2004

Welcome to Mini Footie

Mini Footie Football Academy is a fun and educational way to introduce your child to the world of sport, based on the ever loved game of football. Our members enjoy learning skills, taking part in mini matches and playing fun games, all using the latest equipment. The classes provide 45 minutes of pure enthusiasm and excitement. Together with our dedicated, enthusiastic FA qualified football coaches, Mini Footie Football Academy has developed a programme of training specifically for 2½-7 year old’s to build co-ordination, technique and strength. Children will enjoy being part of a strong team environment, enhancing their self esteem and boosting their personal sense of achievement.

Mini Footie is split into three age groups:

·                                 2½-3½ year old’s ‘Mini Strikers’

·                                 3½-5 year old’s ‘Junior Strikers’

·                                 5 – 7 year old’s ‘Mighty Strikers’

Two coaches run every Mini Footie Football Academy session. Class by class, you will see your child’s enjoyment grow alongside their co-ordination skills, physical levels and confidence.

Head Office -
07875 586396